When you decide to renovate a room you often have an image in your mind’s eye of what the finished space it will look like. Unsurprisingly, as you are investing a lot financially and emotionally, you’ll give every element due consideration. Planning every detail, of course it’s wise, you’ll want the space to be just right!

One element most renovators don’t give enough thought too, is lighting. Sure, you know you need light. You may even decide where the light will be positioned, and you park lighting to be decided at a later date. We get it – it can be a confusing subject. 

Trendy Lighting styles in 2023

  • Bubble Lights
  • LED Floor Lights
  • Mid-Century Floor Lamps
  • 1920’s Deco Refined Lighting
  • Natural Material Lights
  • Sculptural Shapes
  • Linear Lines
  • Milky Glass Lights
  • Crinkly Edged Lights
  • Kitchen Island Trends
  • Larder Lighting
  • Luxury Calm Lights for Living Rooms
  • Textures for Bedroom Sanctuary
  • Big Lights for Dining Rooms
  • Black Bathroom Lights
  • Maximalism Cloakrooms

Most people are in the dark about what good lighting is.

Good lighting is form and function. Which put simply is, does it suit the decor and look you have in mind? And does it perform the job you want it to?

In this article, we’ll look at the latest forms and functions of lighting for each room of the home. Be it creating ambience for living rooms to more complex issues of finding the best light for kitchens and bathrooms.

Lighting enlivens spaces, it can make you feel bright eyed and bushy tailed. On the flip side poor lighting can make a great feel dull, sapping the style right out of an otherwise beautiful room.


Stylish Lighting

Lets look at some of the key looks for trendy Lighting in 2023

Of course, you don’t have to change your lighting every year, but lighting styles subtly change over time. New technologies emerge and bring a raft of stylish alternative forms of lighting, case in point LED Lighting which has revolutionized how all our homes will be lit now and in the future. You’ll want to invest in the most modern looking lighting with the most suitable functionality for the space you are lighting.

Bubble Lights are Big

Multiple clusters of globed shaped lights will be massive in 2023. You’ll be inspired by rounded compact shapes, mid-century sputnik style light fittings, or cascading bobbly pendants.

Globes are a shape that never goes out of style. A globe ceiling pendant works in perfect harmony with period homes, to the other extreme of an LED globe cluster pendant that makes a contemporary statement in a modern home.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are back, everyone will have a floor lamp in the lounge.

Midcentury looks are still very much in the spotlight as they are super stylish and useful.


LED Floor Lamps

Bubble and Globes shapes will also form a popular design of floor lamp for this year. Whether you like to mix it up, or mix and match, globes will always work in harmony with each other.

The main themes across all lighting is

Globes and bubbles

1920’s Deco refined and modernised.

It stands to reason 1920’s traditional has been updated for the 2020’s the look is further refined and has become more luxurious. Brasses and Blacks are popular which deftly adds a touch of glamour and modernity to this style.



Sculptural shapes, ethereal fluid or offset geometrics like an outline or a line drawing. Nothing too heavy, almost not there see through effects! An initial focus on the frame leads you to peek through, making the space in between as much a form of art as the shape itself.


Linear Shapes

Over table lighting goes long. Again, you’ll see bubble shaped glass globes on these linear lights. Where we used to see lights adorning the centre of dining tables, we now see the lights being nearly as long as the table themselves. Maximilism in the dining room gives a feeling of opulence and grandeur whilst you take time to enjoy your mealtimes.

Milky Glass Lights 

Milk white glass in globe style lights are a mainstay. Light glows through the glass, which needs cleaning less often that the clear glass counterparts, as the dust remains hidden for that little bit longer – win! This style of glass looks really striking when teamed with a contrasting material, such as soft sheened brasses or matt black.


Kitchen Lighting Trends

The kitchen island is still one of the most envied statements in a kitchen be it dining, breakfast bar or a dedicated prep space. For all of these uses, a feature light is crucial.

Another space that’s made it into the must-have for any posh kitchen, is a larder. Rather than a simple larder unit, we are seeing the desire for a whole new room. And oh boy, if you have a larder, it’s being elevated. Functional, utilitarian lights are all the rage. Think mid-century factory style metal pendants or wall mounted lighting with a long reaching arm. These overreaching wall lights are ideal for siting up high above the shelving to shine the light down on to your pantry store.

Livingroom Lighting Trends

It’s all about rewinding in the living room. Whilst we still crave living spaces in the hub of the home, we’re now all about ‘broken-plan living’, where we have a separate space to for R&R.

Soft, ambient lighting that’s planned for convenience in this space is key. Avoid glare to the TV screen by careful positioning of table lamps, floor lamps and wall lights. Add in functionality, such as USB chargeable lamps or reading lights by favorite seats to enable you to carry out your tasks without having to move.

Bedroom Lighting Trends

Carrying on the theme for rest and relaxation, the bedroom is now a place of sanctuary. Comforting colours, layers and textures soothe the senses.

You’ll see modern white lighting complimenting pale schemes, and punchy black, graphite and shiny metallics in darker and more elaborate designs.


Dining Room Llighting Trends

Go big, or go home! We’re taking back the dining room. Carving out spaces that were once destined to be shared with our dining space, the room has reclaimed it’s reverence.

Large dining tables dominate the room and large lighting needs to go with it. Throw out the rule book about the size of the light over your table – as long as it doesn’t overhang the edges, it’s in!

Bathroom Lighting Trends

White lighting is hot possibly due to the growing trend for crittal shower screens. Be it a heritage style bathroom or modern minimalist styled bathroom white bathroom lights are trending.

Brass is also popular, offering a slightly more industrial or nautical appeal to the bathroom.