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Create an inviting space for guests by giving some attention to the details. It only takes a split second to make a good impression when a guest first enters a room, so make it count with warm and inviting hospitality lighting. The right light gives a hotel space a bright and friendly atmosphere. The wrong light can ruin a nicely decorated room, facade or halls. Here we have some of the biggest reasons to focus on attractive and functional LED lighting for your guests. Our team is working on lighting design and lighting calculations to create proper lighting for your spaces. In this article we will talk about the importance of proper lighting for the hotels and show implemented projects of our partner, high quality European brand “Bright Lighting”, who has plenty of impressive projects on its account


The importance of proper lighting for Hotel Spaces


Proper hospitality lighting influences the mood of hotel guests. Well-positioned lights encourage positive feelings. LED lights mimic natural daylight, which is an improvement from yellow-hued traditional lights. Lighting that adjusts at night allows for a more restful sleep. Most fluorescent lights cannot be dimmed. LED lights offer many dimming options. 

Activate the Senses

Bad lighting can make your décor, food and furniture less appealing. Great lighting invigorates guests’ senses, even beyond sight. Lets take the time to analyse the hospitality of hotel lighting. Is it inviting? Does it promote a more engaged guest experience? 

Luxurious rooms with thick duvet covers and fine furniture can be presented in the best way possible. Rich entrees and decadent desserts can be much more appetising with proper LED light levels and colours. 

Provide Convenience

If a guest needs to get work done and isn’t provided with the right lighting conditions, you could potentially lose a customer.Getting ready for a big night out on the town is much moredifficult if the light is poor. Even reading a good book can be challenging without enough lamp illumination. Guests might not consciously notice these shortcomings, but they will notice the convenience of good lighting when they find accommodations that do provide it. 

Stand out from your competition. Elevate the guest experience at your place of business with proper hospitality lighting. 

With BRIGHT Lighting, we can select the best lighting solutions for your hotel rooms, common areas, restaurants, landscape and facade lighting.


The Importance of lighting and ambiance in Hotel


  1. A hotel room can be cozy, warm and inviting or it can be dingy and cold, all based on the lighting. For hotels that want to create the right ambiance for their guests, lighting is a central focus of that
  2. Today’s lighting options, especially with the changes that 
  3. have come to LED lighting technology, make it possible to add lighting in different shades, known in the lighting world as a temperatures. Today, a hotel design team can choose a light colour that will help guests feel comfortable and relaxed in the hotel room, whether that is a bright, white colour for a clean, modern look or a cool, blue colour for a calming, relaxing feel.
  4. If the room has a main focal point, such as a trendy piece of artwork or a particularly beautiful bed set, lighting can highlight that and draw the guest’s attention to that part of the room. By having directional lighting in that particular area, it will become the first noticed when someone enters the space.
  5. In a hotel room, guests rely on the bathroom area when preparing for their day. They need bright, natural-coloured light in order to put on makeup and do hair effectively. The right bathroom light can make a huge difference in overall guest experience.
  6. Real Light is a team of lighting designers and lighting technicians managing lighting calculations, whose main specialty is to create complete package of services for the customers, which in return ensures ideal coordination between project and installation works.
  7. BRIGHT SPECIAL LIGHTING S.A. strategy is based on detailed planning and designing, aiming at the most satisfying operational and aesthetical result. The company’s technological approach as well as the quality and endurance of its products fully comply with the highest European specifications. As a result, BRIGHT has achiever a top rank position in Greek market of luminaries’ production and light planning.
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