furniture profiles z profile led 2,02 m silver
z profile led 2,02 m silver z profile led 2,02 m silver z profile led 2,02 m silver

z profile led 2,02 m silver


  • material Aluminium
  • color silver (anodized)
  • size L 2020 mm x B 22 mm x H 7 mm

  • notes
  • Lumines Z aluminium profile for installation in a groove. Perfect for lighting kitchens and stores - lighting for shelves, countertops. It is an innovative product for installation in hard-to-reach places. One of the most minimalist and modern designs. Profile Z from the LUMINES SLIM series was designed specifically for installation in placed that are very hard to reach. The use of this profile does not require milling deep grooves, because the profile is very shallow. It is characterized by a very modernist appearance and is very easy t use as an element of decorative backlights in furniture and interior decorations.o install due to the specially contoured profile walls, which perfectly fit in the groove.

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