furniture profiles i10 profile led 2,02 m silver
i10 profile led 2,02 m silver i10 profile led 2,02 m silver i10 profile led 2,02 m silver

i10 profile led 2,02 m silver


  • material Aluminium
  • color silver (anodized)
  • size L 2020 mm x B 18.8 mm x H 31 mm

  • notes
  • Lumines I6 and I10 are glass/plexi profiles. Perfect for mounting and lighting store shelves, informative and decorative plates.

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372/372_accessory_img_04122022135356_625568549efc1.png 372/372_accessory_img_04122022135356_62556854b05e1.png
end caps 10mm right 12-0291-11 without a hole
371/371_accessory_img_04122022135236_625568040c86b.png 371/371_accessory_img_04122022135236_625568041c0b9.png
end caps 10mm left 12-0271-11 without a hole
370/370_accessory_img_04122022135125_625567bdd54ce.png 370/370_accessory_img_04122022135125_625567bde6756.png
end caps 10mm right 12-0291-10 with a hole
369/369_accessory_img_04122022135009_62556771de8d3.png 369/369_accessory_img_04122022135009_62556771f1642.png
end caps 10mm left 12-0271-10 with a hole
368/368_accessory_img_04122022134851_625567233c972.png 368/368_accessory_img_04122022134851_625567235040c.png
end caps 10mm right 12-0301-11 without a hole
367/367_accessory_img_04122022134737_625566d9f24ff.png 367/367_accessory_img_04122022134738_625566da0a635.png
end caps 10mm left 12-0281-11 without a hole
366/366_accessory_img_04122022134627_62556693a4245.png 366/366_accessory_img_04122022134627_62556693b5e17.png
end caps 10mm right 12-0301-10 with a hole
365/365_accessory_img_04122022134532_6255665c8e59c.png 365/365_accessory_img_04122022134532_6255665c9b899.png
end caps 10mm left 12-0281-10 with a hole
rubber tape for profiles i6 / i10 (black)