furniture profiles c profile led 2,02 m silver
c profile led 2,02 m silver c profile led 2,02 m silver c profile led 2,02 m silver

c profile led 2,02 m silver


  • material Aluminium
  • color silver (anodized)
  • size L 2020 mm x B 23.3 mm x H 16.6 mm

  • notes
  • Lumines C is an angle profile 45 degrees - for lighting kitchens and stores. Ideal for lighting shelves and countertops. Perfectly suitable for designer connections of two perpendicular surfaces and all applications where a light coming from the profile at a 45° angle is required. The small height of this profile and the flat cover (mounted from the top with a snap-on) give the impression of a very discreet fixture for LED strips and tapes. It is perfectly suited for use as an element of decorative backlights in furniture and interior decorations.

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